Iā€™m not just here with my camera, I am here to create something with you and tell your story.

I want these photos to mean something to you.


Meet Andreea

Hello! I am Andreea and I am so excited to get you know you. But first here are a few things about me: I have a background in graphic design and photo retouching and I take pride in my retouching skills and attention to detail. I am not just a photographer, I am a mom, wife, artist, coffee drinker, beach goer and dreamer. My interest in photography began in high school. I was a junior when I had my first exhibition, and my love grew from there. I specialize in telling stories focusing on relationships and connections. Photography for me is all about capturing you for who you are, perfectly imperfect and not some fake poses and awkward smiles. I want us to have a great experience together and create something meaningful. No matter what your adventure might be it will be documented for years to come!