Nick and Jenelle


I was really excited about a year ago when I got the text from Jenelle asking me to be the photographer for her wedding. I will admit I was a little nervous to shoot my first solo wedding, but I knew I was ready and would make them proud!

Saturday morning came and the big day was here! My camera gear was packed from the night before. My husband wouldn't stop smiling and telling me how great I was going to do. I anxiously got ready to leave for the place where the bride was getting ready. I was so excited for this day to finally be here and to be in charge of doing something that I really love.

May 6 was going to be amazing and not only because I was surrounded by great friends but because I was doing something that was making me happy. Witnessing 2 beautiful people enjoy the first day of the rest of their lives was definitely an added bonus. 

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Even with a storm rolling in, everyone was inspired at the surroundings, an opening in a wooded area with tall green grass, the bride and groom exchanging vows in front of the root of a fallen tree. A perfect setting for these two. 

Just as the ceremony ended the rain picked up but that didn't affect the bridal party from having big smiles on their faces and having a good time while hiding from it. 

Looking back on that day I couldn't imagine it any better. It was such a perfect first wedding and although the weather didn't cooperate, everything came out perfect.

Thank you again for trusting me, Jenelle & Nick, I had an amazing time shooting your wedding, I wish you lots of love and happiness together!




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